Stoma Guard Comparison
New Low Profile Guard

Low Profile                        Standard Size

This is pretty close to the actual size of each of the two guards available to you. Even if you change to a different appliance, we've got you covered...nothing else to buy!

 The Low Profile Guard is most discreet and is a good choice for stomas that stick out 5/8 inches or less. In comparison, the Standard size may be a better option for you if your stoma sticks out up to 1 -1/4" inches.  

   The Low Profile Guard may also help with Prolapsed stomas to retain it within the body.  Check with your WOCN or doctor for guidance before starting any new  program, product or treatment.

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 fit around your particular appliance 'flange'  meaning, the Tupperware-like connection of a two piece appliance, or around the weld connection on a one piece appliance.

This  means the guard stays in place over the stoma...exactly where you need it! 


Form fitted clothing is what holds the guard  in place instead of a belt... but by all means, use a one inch elastic belt in the holes provided if you need to... you decide! 

 Resolutions...Resolved                and Settled!

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Our hope is that the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard® has a solution for your needs to help you get you back to your normal work, lifestyle and choice of clothing!


                                               Best Wishes,

                                              Donna Luce

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              Wear Your Jeans                   Sleep Better


               Prevent Leaks                     Manage Gas


       Support Peristomal Skin          Resume Work


          Go Beltless (or Not)            Protect Your Stoma


       More Time with Family           Take Long Walks


                   Exercise                     More Time with Friends


             Reach Your Goals              Regain Confidence


              Get On a Plane                 Leave Fear Behind!



Just So You Know:

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  • Protection from inadvertent bumps by children or pets;

  • Guards against seatbelts, utility belts, waistbands or items carried;

  • Prevents gas from ballooning a pouch above your waistband;

  • Helps prevent blowouts and leakage;

  • Aids in the adhesion of skin barriers; 

  • It can  help  flatten peristomal skin around stomas sited within minor skin folds;

  • Allows for more free flow of output... we need our space, right?  

  • Have a short, flush or recessed stoma?  This guard can really help! 

If Protection is What You're After...Let Me Count the Ways!

       The guards are meant to be worn under regular jeans or slacks, harnessing their snugness to act as a belt of sorts, holding the guard firmly against the taped portion of your skin barrier and abdomen with the appliance tucked away and out of sight. While this is an awesome tool for many, it may not work for you if you have a large abdomen (can I say "beer belly?) with a stoma down low, because the waistband of your clothing may pull downward on the guard, rather than an inward push that keeps the guard from slipping off the skin barrier's flange or weld connection of a one piece appliance. Just being honest here...but check out the video on the next page.