Sure Guard, Inc.

Owner and Founder of the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard
Sure Guard, Inc. Donna Luce, Owner and Founder
 Sure Guard, Inc, President and Owner Donna Luce

I enjoy painting wall murals.

3-D faux ( fake) stone wall created in my vocation as a faux painter.




Donna Luce

Owner and founder of the Ostomy

Resolutions® Stoma Guard  



My vocation as a muralist, faux painter and paper hanger is a physically demanding job that requires climbing up ladders, carrying materials, stretching up high or crouching down low, sometimes like a contortionist, when working in small spaces. And I thought, “If this protection works for me, it may work for others, too!”


You may be a driver or teacher, contractor or CEO, office worker or presenter, but whatever your vocation, like me, you need the security and confidence to carry it out well.


 I hope you will try the guard for yourself.  It's truly made a huge difference in my own life and I'm able to carry on with the strength and dignity that UC and colon cancer tried to rob from me. It can do the same for you!  


Best Regards,




My name is Donna Luce, President and Owner of Sure Guard, Inc. and I have an ileostomy due to ulcerative colitis and colon cancer.


My story may be similar to yours...grateful to be alive, but the adjustment of having a stoma took some 'resolutions' to overcome.  I wanted to get back in my blue jeans and  stop thinking about my stoma every minute! I want to be able to concentrate on my work and other important things in my life!



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