Product Features

The Guard Rests on the Appliance

ostomy guard placement on an appliance

 The semi-circled lines provide texture on the face of the guard to help stabilize clothing from slipping on the otherwise smooth surface.


As you can see above, the outer circumference will rest on the taped portion of your skin barrier and the firming ring on this particular adapter (2 1/4") gives support near the stoma.   The benefit for you is three-fold:

1. When form-fitted clothing bears on the face of the guard, the inward push creates a kind of  360 degree fence all around the skin barrier, (not just the top and sides) to prevent a sudden loss of output;

2. Because of this close and constant contact, if  the skin barrier fails, the amount of output behind the wafer is much less than if you had no support at all; and,

3. Support near the stoma may help prevent parastomal hernia by preventing expansion of the stomal opening!

Prevents Ballooning of the Pouch 

 The top of the pouch is tucked into the cup of the guard. As warm air naturally rises, the pouch is able to remain open under the closed top of the cup and  prevents the pouch from ballooning above the waistline of your jeans/slacks. However, a vent in the top of the cup allows escape of gas from filtered pouches.


It Can Help Short, Flush or Recessed Stomas


  • The gentle inward push helps short, flush, or recessed stomas to protrude a bit more and empty more efficiently into the pouch .


Precautions and Observations


  • For persons with an existing parastomal hernia, please check with your healthcare professional, especially when using the guard with convex products, as it may pose a potential for pressure related problems.

  • Always check with your healthcare professional or a qualified Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurse (WOCN) before using this or any new program, product or treatment.

  • One should wait approximately 6 weeks or so until stitches around the stoma , or any midline incisions nearby, are fully healed before using the Ostomy Resolutions™ Stoma Guard system. Check with your healthcare provider to be sure you are fully healed.

  • The Ostomy Resolutions™ Stoma Guard is intended to be worn after one has found the right pouching system, and should not be used when irritated or excoriated skin is present, or any unhealed abscesses, fistulas, yeast infections or any other skin or circulatory problems under a pouching appliance are present.