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2.25" Adapter


The flexible, snap on Adapters are interchangable with both guard sizes and  are equipped with  a central opening in various sizes to accommodate your appliance size.  The outer circumference of the Adapter is intended to rest on a skin barrier’s outer tape portion and not directly on bare skin, as shown below. The central opening surrounds the circular plastic ring of a pouch flange, or the weld connection of a one piece appliance and maintaining the stoma guard over the stoma for optimal  protection. The back side, snap on adapter is soft to the touch with an uneven surface that has a cushioning effect and allows blood flow beneath, reducing the itchiness associated with applied pressure to the skin barrier over an extended period of time.  So comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it!


4 x4 skin barrier

5 x 5 skin barrier

2.25 inch.jpg

2.25" Adapter on a 1.75"

2 piece flange

Pouch not shown for illustration purposes.


2.75" Adapter on a 2.25"

2-piece flange

Pouch not shown for illustration purposes.

Guard snaps on here

Pouch snaps on here

ORAdapter on a 1-piece appliance.jpg

3.25" Adapter around the weld connection of a 1-piece appliance



Ideally, the stoma guard uses the snug fit of clothing to act in place of a belt. Your form-fitted clothing applied to the face of the guard, creates a 360 degree line of protection ...a 'fence' of sorts, against a sudden loss of bodily output, all the way around your skin barrier, not just at the top or sides.   Whether you need or desire adding a one inch elastic belt in the holes provided on the face of the guard, is up to decide!

Tip: Use a wide belt in your jeans/slacks belt-loops and use it to cinch your guard closer, if  that helps. 


TIP: For added comfort, you might want to cut off the tabs (belt and removal tabs) that are provided on your pouch flange, as often they land between the adapter and taped portion of a skin barrier as shown on the right.