Technical Specs

 Ostomy Resolutions® Stoma Guard Adapters


Check the package label for your manufacturer’s pouch flange size, and then refer to the chart below to choose which adapter is needed for your particular appliance. The measurement of the pouch flange from side to side, as illustrated by the arrows, indicates diameter size. For best fit and ease of use, wear the adapter that is 1/2" larger than your particular flange size label. 'Flange' means the plastic connection attaching your pouch to your skin barrier.  This is the measurement you will need to determine which adapter size is suited to your particular pouching system, not to be confused with stoma size.

Two piece appliances with 'Tupperware-like connection:

Pouch flange locking ring
weld seal, skin barrier

One-piece Appliances:


The stoma guard system may also be worn with one-piece appliances. The best fit adapter for your system is worn 1/4" larger than the weld seal (where the pouch is connected to the skin barrier).  Fold the sides of your one-piece appliance inward to measure from one side to the other, (as illustrated by the arrow in the center) , and add ¼" to that measurement for proper fit/ease of use. For example,   if your measurement is up to 2.0" (50mm) across, you will use the 2 1/4" (57mm) adapter. Refer to the Sizing chart below for the correct size adapter you will need.


Sizing Chart

Ostomy Resolutions Sizing Chart


The 1 3/4" adapter is available but call to order if you should need an adapter this small. Rarely, does anyone have a flange or weld size smaller than 1 1/2 inches.


Stomacur® products add an extra 1" to your two-piece flange diameter for proper fit/ease of use. For example: If your two-piece flange size is labeled 1 ¼" (32mm) then use the 2 ¼" (57mm) adapter with the ostomy guard.


Cannot be worn with Adhesive coupling systems.


Coloplast Sensura® Click systems will require use of the Extra Large adapter 3¼" (82mm) to accommodate its plastic locking flange tab.

About filters:


A vent in the top of the guard allows filters to function as intended, but large filters may impede flow of thicker output. This may not be an issue with more liquid output. However, while the stoma guard will prevent gas from ballooning the pouch above the waistband of jeans or slacks whether you have an ileostomy or colostomy, one solution might include not using a filtered pouch, but rather, emptying gas and pouch contents at the same time. 

Modification for Coloplast's locking flange tab: Notching the flexible adapter as shown, to accommodate the locking flange tab, may allow a more centralized placement of the guard system on the skin barrier of your appliance.  
Note: Stomacur® and Coloplast Sensura® Click names are identified solely for the purpose of providing compatibility information. These companies do not sponsor or endorse this product and are not affiliated with Sure Guard, Inc. in any way.

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