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Three adapters come with your order : 2.25" (Medium), 2.75" (Large), and 3.25" (X Large).


Check our Technical Specs page by clicking here for instructions on how to measure your appliance to determine which particular adapter size you will need.  


We all have various sample appliances in different sizes in our closets that may be used in a pinch. Having a variety of adapter sizes closest to your particular appliance flange size, you’re prepared and can still use your stoma guard, even if you change to a different appliance altogether!


Additional adapters are available if you need them and are interchangable with either guard size.


Hover and click on each image for more information.


All our orders are shipped by United States Postal Service  with tracking where available.  Allow 2 weeks from shipping date for delivery. However, delivery time is usually 3-5 days within the US, and 6-10 business days outside the US.   


Guards not sold separately from Adapters. 


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30 Day Guarantee

If either guard does not work for you, we will refund your purchase price in full!

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First off I would like to say thank you for inventing the Stoma Guard because I love it. And yes thank you I am a Navy Vet (1989-1997). I went out on my motorcycle yesterday and normally come back and “its” all mushed down on top of my stoma. Well, not the case yesterday. No more hurting and being uncomfortable in the car from the seat belt on my stoma as well. I can’t say enough great things about the Stoma Guard except I wished I would have found it sooner. Even gonna try wearing my belt again instead of these suspenders. November 13th, 2012 was when I was diagnosed with high stage 3 colorectal cancer and was living day to day.  November 15th of 2012 I got an ileostomy but only had it for 6 months until I had it reversed. However, I was having all kinds of issues and on December 15, 2014, I had to get a colostomy and it's for life. But I am still alive and staying positive. I mentor as well... as much as I can. I will also be going to the cancer center where I received all of my chemo and putting the word out to anyone that might be able to use the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard. It’s weird how something so small and lightweight can make this much of a difference in a persons life. Like I said, I wished I would have found it sooner. And as of this past October 25th, 2016 I am officially cancer free. Thank you again...Chris Harkins, Street, MD  US Navy Gulf War Veteran (Name and title used with Chris' permission and insistence...Thank you, Chris!).


I'm very happy to have purchased this Sure Guard product!  It's given me confidence to know my little stoma is protected when I need it to be.  I'll be going back to work Nov. 1st, so now I don't have to worry about boxes or packages bumping or squashing my stoma.

Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!  It certainly has given me much of my normal life back knowing I can still ride my horse, cut down tree branches plus other outside work that I do. Susan, Carmichael, CA


 Just want to say thank you for the ostomy guard.  The product is wonderful.  It stays in place with no straps or belts.  For the first time since my urostomy surgery in 2012 I do not need to wear my clothes beneath my pouch.  Saturday I wore a skort and was actually able to pull it up like it is supposed to be worn.  Another thing I love is that now I can let my two year old twin grandchildren jump all over me.  I watched them Monday and had them standing and jumping on me with no issues.  I also ride a bike quite frequently and can now wear my biking shorts pulled all the way up.  Believe it or not, I am a very active 67 year old.  Will be taking my family skiing next February and have bought some new outfits.  I was worried about the waist bands sitting on top of my stoma.  Wth the stoma guard that issue is solved.  Again thank you for creating a wonderful product that allows me to live my life a little more normally,  Best Regards,  Darlene, Slidell, LA


 Hi Ms. Luce, I just had to write and tell you that your stoma guard is a dream come true for me.  I have had my colostomy for about 3 yrs. and my main concern and problem is having a blowout just after eating a meal.  It almost always happens when my wife and I are eating out, resulting in an immediate exit from the restaurant and an emergency "repair" in the car. Sometimes it is beyond repair, and we have to rush right home to take care of things.  I have tried several stoma guards with no luck at all - they just aren't designed correctly.  As luck would have it, I was reading an ostomy forum that I belong to and someone mentioned your stoma guard.  I immediately went to your website and checked it out.  Your site really impressed me, and the price was right, so I decided to give it a try.  Wow, it worked like a charm.  We went out to lunch today and it worked perfectly.  I can't tell you how happy I am that I can eat a meal without having to worry about having an accident.  If you don't have a medical issue like mine, you just can't imagine the relief one gets when a problem like I have had gets resolved.  I want to thank you with all my heart for your product and the happiness it has brought me.  Thanks again,  Bill, St. Johns, FL


I received my guard and it’s amazing! The best one that fits my lifestyle for sure. Its reusable, and it doesn’t need a belt.

It’s an awesome design!  Wes, Elgin, IL


I got it yesterday and tested out driving today.  Works great!!!  John, Lake Mary, FL


I have worn Khakis and Wrangler blue jeans so far.  The Stoma Guard is working like a champ.  I can tuck in my shirts (both Polo type and regular button shirts) and use suspenders at work.  This allows me enough room to be able even to use my seat belt with enough room for the pouch to fill.  I recently drove 2 hours and had no problems whatsoever. The Stoma Guard is working just as advertised and as I need. I even spent a few hours off roading in my Jeep today and yesterday and went on a 30 minute walk in the park.  Thank you for a great product!  Derek, Concord, NC


"I received your product back in April and have been using it every day.  I work construction and I am always getting bumped with something.  Sometimes just going up and down a ladders.  Your stoma guard has worked very well and I would highly recommend it to anyone with an ostomy.  I have a urostomy since September 2014.  I choose to use a belt with mine but have on occasion worn it without. The belt adds extra security.  Mark, New Castle, PA


This guard just makes so much sense. It works on so many levels…protection, visual gas buildup, helping clothes to be more comfortable and fit better. A definite winner! Sarah, New Braunfels, TX


"Wearing the guard and adapter, especially the day I change my wafer, allows me to securely and confidently go an entire week without worrying about leaks or raw skin around my stoma until my next appliance change." Rosanne, Dallas, Texas


My name is Ed, I’m a first time user of the Ostomy Resolutions Stoma Guard and I would like to say that I am pleased with the results and truly recommend people with a stoma to try it! Ed, Dallas, TX






The durable, long term performance of the Ostomy Resolutions® Stoma Guard even has a positive effect on our environment, by being completely recyclable, eliminating more unwanted items in landfills.

...and so many more! Thank you, my customers, for sharing!